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Ahwazi Arab Villagers Face Water Crisis

By Rahim Hamid

A collapse in the water infrastructure around Shoush is leading to serious drinking water supply problems in Ahwazi Arab villages, according to Shoja Latifi, the head of the city's rural health department.

Latifi told the official Fars news agency that pipelines are extremely decayed and out of service and that no action was being taken to address these problems

The pipeline supplying drinking water in the Isteghlal village has been broken for two months. Villagers have suffered poor water pressure and frequent interruptions, forcing them to dig wells. Latifi stated that 20 households are faced with severe water shortages.

According to Fars News Agency, the Isteghlal village which is a part of Shavoor district in the city of Shush, has more than 100 households, all of which are complaining of water and sanitation problems.

Kazim Jabir village, another Arab suburb of Shoush with 92 households, is one of the country's deprived villages that has also faced official neglect and extremely low human development indicators, not least the lack of educational opportunities. It is also supporting from water supply problems. 

Many fear the situation will worsen in the run-up to Ramadan, which falls in summer this year when temperatures will exceed 40 Celsius. Failure to fix the pipelines could lead to deaths.

Hadi Kaab Omer, a village representative, told the Fars News Agency, that the area has been deprived of potable water for years, forcing people to dig wells to provide water for themselves and their livestock. He said: "We have presented our problems and demands to the municipality of Shoush city, but we have not received any response regarding water crisis of the village."