Relative Of Hanged Ahwazis Calls for International Prosecution Of Judges

A relative of two executed Ahwazi Arabs is calling on the international community to issue a warrant for the arrest of two Iranian judge...

Non-Persian ethnicities protest in Washington and Toronto

Ahwazi Arab, Kurdish and Balochi activists were joined by their supporters in Washington DC and Toronto to call for an end to the wave of executions against non-Persian political prisoners in Iran.

A statement signed by non-Persian parties and rights activists, including the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz and the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, stated that "In recent weeks and months, the regime’s leaders have begun a new wave of executions of political prisoners and it seems that the regime's killing machine will likely continue. This is whilst the new government of president Rouhani promised to restore the security and a calmer conditions, especially to the non-dominant oppressed nationalities living in the peripheral provinces far away from Tehran. The acceleration of the Islamic Republic’s political killing machine against the Baloch, Ahwazi Arabs and the Kurdish opposition groups is an indication of the central government's antagonism against these oppressed nationalities."

It also outlined the erosion of the socio-economic conditions since the new government came to power coupled with rising repression. The signatories urged the international community and "freedom loving people" not to abandon those facing execution and repression for the sake of negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme.

The demonstrations, which attracted scores of expatriates, were held in Toronto on 10 November and outside the US State Department in Washington DC on 12 November. The following organisations signed statements made in the US and Canada:
  • ABS Community Research, Inc
  • Ahwaz Human Rights Organization
  • Akbar Mohammadi Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy
  • American Baloch Council
  • Balochistan Peoples’ Party
  • Balochistan Society for Human Rights
  • Change Movement, USA
  • Congress of Nationalities for Federal Iran, US Chapter
  • Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, USA
  • Democratic Party of Kurdistan (Iraq) - US and Canada
  • Democratic Solidarity Party of Ahwaz
  • Democratic Women’s Union of Iranian Kurdistan, USA
  • Greater Toronto Kurdish House
  • Human Rights Activists Association at York University
  • Human Rights Society of Balochistan
  • Iran Roundtable
  • Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, North America
  • Kurdish American Committee for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran (KACDHRI)
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party - Eastern Canada
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party - USA Committee
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party ( Iraq ) - US and Canada
  • Kurdish Human Rights Watch, USA
  • Kurdish Youth Club
  • Leadership Council for Human Rights
  • National Union for Democracy in Iran
  • Organization of Iranian People's Fedayeen Majority - Toronto
  • Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Iraq) - US and Canada chapters
  • Peace and Democracy Party, BDP (Turkey)
  • Tudeh Party of Iran, Canada Branch
  • United Student Front - Canadian Chapter
  • World Institute for Development & PeaceABS Community Research, Inc