Relative Of Hanged Ahwazis Calls for International Prosecution Of Judges

A relative of two executed Ahwazi Arabs is calling on the international community to issue a warrant for the arrest of two Iranian judge...

Regime's Press TV confirms Ahwazi executions in November

Torture victim Ali Chebeishat on Press TV
Press TV has disclosed that it will be airing a documentary including forced "confessions" by Ahwazi Arabs in November, indicating that President Rouhani's administration is preparing a new wave of executions of Ahwazi Arabs.

In an email to Ahwaz News Agency editor Daniel Brett, Press TV production co-ordinator Ghazaleh Sarlak wrote: "This documentary will be on air on this November. The exact date will be announced soon."

Such televised confessions are broadcast immediately before executions. The three men are therefore being prepared for execution in the coming weeks.

Television confessions after torture

Email from Press TV: click to enlarge
Press TV aired a preview of the documentary, entitled "Lost in Darkness", in July. The one minute advertisement showed Ali Chebeishat (47), Sayed Yassin Mousavi (35) and Salman Chayan (32) admitting responsibility for attacking pipelines. Televised confessions are used by the Iranian regime to humiliate peaceful opponents and justify execution to the Iranian public and the wider world.

Chebeishat and Mousavi were condemned to death in September by judge Seyed Mohammad Bagher Moussavi at Branch 2 of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court, while Chayan was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in exile in Yazd. The judge is currently the subject of European Council sanctions for his role in human rights atrocities against Ahwazi Arabs.

All three men are members of the Youth of Shush Cultural Institute. Chebeishat, a well-known poet from the village of Khalaf Kaab Imsallam near Shush, was subjected to barbaric physical and psychological torture, including the extraction of his fingernails and broken ribs. Some of the torture was carried out in front of his sons. In July, Chebeishat, Mousawi and Chayan staged a hunger strike in protest against their torture and ill-treatment while being held at an intelligence service detention facility in Ahwaz.

Press TV's Amir Tajik: a career devoted to regime propaganda
In a mockery of any standards of justice, Press TV filmed the "confessions" before the trial and is now planning to air them even though their appeals have yet to be determined by the Supreme Court. The confirmation of broadcast also undermines Press TV's widely disbelieved claims of political independence from the Iranian regime and suggests the English language channel, now banned throughout Europe, is tied closely to the dreaded Ministry of Intelligence.

Amir Tajik: Press TV's henchman

Amir Tajik on Facebook:
 a love of guns
Amir Tajik, who was copied into the email from Press TV, is the station's production manager and therefore responsible for the scheduling, logistics and budgets for documentaries aired on the channel. A documentary film-maker himself, he has a history of producing documentaries attacking opponents of the regime and promoting the Iranian regime's ideology, with titles such as "Enemies of the Nation" and "Pro or Against Jihad".

On Facebook, Tajik boasts of his travels to Europe, where he can be found enjoying the social freedoms of the West to the full. He is also a judge for the annual Association for International Broadcasting (AIB).

Yet, forever loyal to the regime, he has written articles and produced documentaries that cast doubt on the Nazi Holocaust and claims that Jews supported Hitler's rise to power.

As an organisational director in Press TV's documentary department, Amir Tajik's is associated with the broadcast of false confessions extracted through the torture of Ahwazi Arab civilians and shown on the channel. These "confessions" are often the basis for issuing death sentences and form part of the Iranian regime's policy of anti-Arab ethnicide. Tajik could be subject to European sanctions for his complicity in human rights abuses.

No more European press junkets for torturers' propagandist?
The European Council has already imposed sanctions on head of IRIB World Service and Press TV Muhammad Sarafraz and Press TV newsroom director Hamid Reza Emadi, who were found responsible "for producing and broadcasting the forced confessions of detainees, including jour­nalists, political activists, persons belonging to Kurdish and Arab minorities and violating internationally recognised rights to a fair trial and due process." Sanctions entail asset freezes and travel bans.

Trailer for Press TV's documentary "Lost in Darkness"