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The Islamic Republic of Iran will hang tomorrow 14 Baloch in a public show

By Reza Hossein Borr

The Islamic Republic of Iran will hang tomorrow early in the morning at 6. 30, Iranian time, fourteen young Baluch on the fabricated charges of corrupting the earth and fighting God in a public park to stage a show for exhibiting its credentials as the worst killer in the Iranian history. The Iranian Fars News Agency reported that the relatives of the victims have been invited to go and watch the show of hanging. It's not clear who the victims are as the full identities of the men who are supposed to be hanged have not been yet exposed to the public. Abdul Hamid Rigi, the older brother of Abdul Malik Rigi, the leader of People's Resistance Movement of Iran, Jondollah, is among them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran that exposed its nature in killing dozens of people in recent demonstrations after the biggest fraud in the history of elections, will continue to arrest, torture and execute the innocent people of Iran on fabricated charges as it executed 23 young Iranians few days after the elections on charges of murder and drug trafficking. Three of them were the Baluch political activists that were involved only in peaceful demonstrations is in Karaj, near Tehran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran staged another show few days ago in a public conference hall and forced Abdul Hamid and few others to confess on the charges and crimes that they have not committed. The security forces invited a large number of Baluch dignitaries in the conference hall to hear their confessions. The same political campaigners were forced to appear on television and confess. It seems that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the business of extracting confessions from innocent prisoners who have been tortured for a long time to confess to public. Roxana Saberi, an American-Iranian journalist who was arrested in Iran few months ago, was forced to confess. She announced after her release that she has been forced to confess to matters that she had not committed but she accepted the suggestions in the hope of getting released or getting better behaviours. She was told that if she accepts the suggested allegations then she will be released and therefore, she accepted all the suggestions and confessed. Among different charges that she accepted to confess was being a CIA spy.

The fourteen young Baluch also have been forced to accept that they have been agents of CIA.

The fourteen young men which are claimed to be members of the Jondollah have been campaigning for the legitimate rights of the Baluch people who are Sunnis in a majority Shia country. The Baluch people have been systematically oppressed since the beginning of the revolution for seeking equality of rights and opportunities with other Iranians. According to the constitution of the Islamic Republic and other laws that have been passed by Iranian parliament, the Sunnis are prohibited from becoming supreme leader, president, minister, deputy minister, army general, ambassador, or any other high official. The official religion of the state has been declared Shiism which is a radical opponent of the Sunni people.

The cruelties of the regime were exhibited in the recent elections and demonstrations after the biggest fraud in elections. The Iranian people went into the streets in millions and protested against the fraud and demanded the cancellation of elections but the government decided to crush demonstrations and impose Ahmadinejad as the president. The demonstrations still continue in different parts of Iran.

The Baluch people have experienced the same cruelties in the last 30 years but the news of the crackdown on the Baluch people has been always concealed. Now the Iranian people and international community can imagine that what kind of crimes the security forces committed in Baluchistan where no journalist is allowed to go and no political party is permitted. The province is completely isolated from the world and the silence can be heard time to time when the security forces attack some armed Baluch in some corners of Baluchistan.

The fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to stage an entertaining show from the hanging of fourteen young Baluch can clearly show the kind of policies that the regime has pursued and implemented in Baluchistan. They want to create maximum fear among the Baluch people and force them into submission of the most inhumane behaviours. Like many other Baluch that have been hanged in public, the fourteen young Baluch will join eternity with big smiles. They know that they will become part of the Baluch history, legends and heroes.