Relative Of Hanged Ahwazis Calls for International Prosecution Of Judges

A relative of two executed Ahwazi Arabs is calling on the international community to issue a warrant for the arrest of two Iranian judge...

Iran: Arrests, killings and assassinations as uprising continues in Ahwaz region

A number of Ahwazi Arab organisations have reported on recent clashes between the ethnic Arab population and the Iranian authorities.

Jaffar Abdulzahra Khantaf, a resident of Borwayeh village and a lecturer at Chamran University in Ahwaz City, was shot dead in Tehran while taking part in opposition protests there, according to the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz, a pro-federalist group allied with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. He was studying for his doctorate in Tehran. Jaffar was shot in the head by the Bassij in the Tehran Metro and later died in hospital. His family was forced to bury him privately and without mourning, under the direction of the security forces.

Meanwhile, two members of the Revolutionary Guards were shot dead by Arab militants on 4 July, according to the separatist Ahwazi Arab People's Democratic Popular Front. The first was killed in Ariashar district close to Padadshahr district and second in Yousefi district close to Abadan junction. The same group quotes a report from the 'Ahwazi Voice Agency' that claimed three armed Arab militants clashed with security forces in Ma'shor (Mahshahr) on June 22, leading to the death of a 26-year-old Arab militant from Falahiya and two members of the Revolutionary Guards.

On July 5, dozens of Ahwazi Arabs were arbitrarily arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in the Arbaa-Asood area (Charshir and Korush areas), according to the separatist National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz (NLMA). The security forces had attempted to raid the restive Arab districts of Hay Al-Thawra and Malashiya, which have been the focus of Ahwazi Arab resistance in recent years, were forced back by Arab 'resistance', although no casualties were reported.