Relative Of Hanged Ahwazis Calls for International Prosecution Of Judges

A relative of two executed Ahwazi Arabs is calling on the international community to issue a warrant for the arrest of two Iranian judge...

Names of those killed in Ahwaz

The Iranian regime is claiming that only five people died during more than a week of unrest in Ahwaz. BAFS can confirm at least 130 dead. This is a list of Ahazi Arabs who were killed by the security forces and whose families have given their consent for us to display their names. Where possible, we have put the place where they lived and died in brackets.

1 Razi Aboud Alhasoun-Abayat (Aldayara)
2 Mahdi Abd alhosain (Aldayara)
3 Hadi Abd Alnabi (Sabhani)
4 Ali Nadir Khasragi (Aldayara)
5 Ahmad Ban Ali
6 Araf Hasan-Jalali (Aldayara)
7 Hasan Abas-Jalali (Aldayara)
8 Mahdi Abas-Afrawi (Aldayara)
9 Dagar Mola Radhi-Alshoomos (Aldayara)
10 Nasar Hadari (Aldayara)
11 Ahmad Sawari Albonahi (Aldayara)
12 Saied Nawasari
13 Abd Nawasari
14 Nasar Dagagla
15 Nasar Gazlawi
16 Sadag Nawasari
17 Nasar Abayat
18 Adnan Sari
19 Hatam Abayat
20 Hosain Hazbawi
21 Samad Hazbawi
22 Ali Hazbaee (Kowtabdola)
23 Saied Raihani
24 Ali Alkaebi (8 years old)
25 Mohamad Hazbawi (Kowtabdola)
26 Abd Alrahman Torfi
27 Abd Alhosain Mohamad zada
28 Towfiq Saeadi
29 Naji Mazraeawi
30 Jaefar Hazbawi (Kowtabdola)
31 Hosain Nasari
32 Saeid Aonsari
33 Nasar Khasragi
34 Said Khalaf-Mosawi
35 Mahdi Yazdan Abayawi
36 Smaeel Mazraea (Kowtabdola)
37 Ali Abayat
38 Abrahim Gazi
39 Hasan Sawari
40 Ali Mohamad Farisat (Kowtabdola)
41 Ali Fakhar Saieidawi (Aldayara)
42 Naji Abayat (Aldayara)
43 Alam Khasragi (Malashyah)
44 Raza Abdal Hosain Abidawi (Aldayara)
45 Mahdi Hanon-Haidari (Aldayara)
46 Mousa Shamous (Aldayara)
47 Nahi Abayat (20 years old) (Hamidyah)
48 Ali Sabhani (20 years old) (Hamidyah)
49 Ahmad Alkabi (Alhaee)
50 Jalil Karim-Alkabi (12 years old) (Zawyah)
51 Mozan Alkabi (Shoosh)